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The infrared sauna therapy is revolutionary !

The infrared sauna therapy also known as infratherapy is revolutionary because it's a type of therapy that uses infrared heat waves. This is actually a therapeutic sauna that provides multiple benefits. It was first developed in Japan where the use of infrared was restricted to physicians. Over the years, significant studies have been conducted among others by NASA, the renowned Mayo Clinic in the United States and the Canadian Association of Massage Therapists.

Waves to lose weight

A 30 minutes session can leads to a weight loss of between 300 to 900 calories, equivalent to 30 minutes of running. The sauna infratherapy therefore facilitates weight control, but also helps with the elimination of cellulite, tissue repair, strengthening the immune system, increasing blood circulation, remove chemical pollutants and improved the skin quality leaving you felling much better. The infrared heat also relieves stress, fatigue, arthritis, stiffness, muscle spasms, chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

A sauna without heat

What is so good about the infrared sauna is that it has no counter-indications. Everyone can afford a session and thus enjoy the benefits. The infrared sauna therapy is also ideal for people who cannot stand the heat. Indeed, the sauna emits infrared rays that warm the body directly without increasing the ambient heat. By directly heating the skin, muscles and organs, it causes the body to sweat three times higher than in a traditional sauna, eliminating more toxins retained in the body.


The effects of infrared heat

The heating using infrared heat is proven to be the best alternative in relation to using the traditional sauna. Infrared heat not only warms the surface of the skin, but penetrates up to 4 cm in the body and runs a deep cleansing of the skin. The skin is not only wrapped in a blanket of heat, but even the muscles and organs located deeper are stimulated by the infrared heat, which in turn results in strong sweating. The increase in body temperature enhances irrigation muscles by the blood and activates blood circulation.

The analysis showed that sweating in the infrared sauna, not only eliminate water, but are also rejected sweat toxins retained in the body fat such as heavy metals (cadmium, nickel, lead). These materials are stored in the kidneys and adipose tissue of the skin. The high calorie loss obtained in the infrared heat cabin stimulates the reduction of disposal tissue and promotes the removal of toxins through perspiration.

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